EMIRAU HAUS of Edward Car Artist Emirau project



Notes on EMIRAU Mother's HAUS Posted by Edward Car at 10/18/2010 12:05:00 AM

The EMIRAU Mother's HAUS is a development project of WIND TRADER LIMITED in conjunction with the EMIRAU TRUST LIMITED.

The EMIRAU MOTHERS HAUS is part of a village community that has also an ELDERS HAUS, BOYS HAUS, NEW MOTHERS HAUS and VISITORS HAUS built in cluster relationship reflecting the already rich meaning of the Emirau people.

The EMIRAU HAUS is a contemporary modern living air conditoned high tech Home Office designed around the mother and her roll in the community.

The EMIRAU HAUS is a self sufficient building that provides its own, Permaculture Food, Rain Water, Green Electricity, Grey and Black water treatment Methane for cooking and cooling and Telecommunications and Internet. It uses wind generators, solar panels, Methane gas off black water and compost and ocean current generators.

The materials are made from the natural coconut wood laminated into beams, Resin based organic bush regrowth manufactured panels, Bamboo/Coconut flooring panels, all made in our production plant , imported recycled plastic pylons and boardwalk decking, Imported glass, rammed locally sourced limestone walls, local limestone blocks and some imported cement.Ball park budget for costs is: Water treatment 2,000USD, Electricity 10,000USD, Local Building Materials 5,000USD, Glass 5000USD.

The material cost for this HAUS is budgeted at $30-40,000USD. Relocation Housing project cost is $4-5 Million USD. This includes cost overlap to Electricity Supply budget $2MilUSD, Communications budget $1MilUSD and $2MilUSD to water/sewage treatment budget. This means new housing and relocation are cost neutral.The Housing produces income to itself and can pay itself off. Thus the loan is repayable from its own income.The Houses sell Export Organic Food and water, Export Wild Fish, Boutique Accommodation and Electricity.The Houses pay themselves off within 10 years.The Building Material Production Plant sells building materials to the rest of Melanesia and has the potential to pay for the entire Project alone not considering Tuna Sashimi Fish, Medical Tourism etc.This alone sorts the Loan repayment.

The EMIRAU HAUS has the capacity to produce a minimum of 5 Kwhour electricity, store electricity and sell electricity to the village/Island micro grid. Supplying surplus electricity to the fish processing plant and freezer storage with electricity, community school, community hotel, port, airport, etc,.

There are 6 villages with approximately 100 people each being consolidated into an new living environment of cluster housing using the EMIRAU HAUS around the main lagoon on the Pakina peninsula amidst the old growth historical trees over looking Hamburger Bay on one side and the Lagoon on the other. This is a new settlement of some 120 EMIRAU HAUS's, plus a Church, Community meeting building, Nursing Station, Emirau Trust Administration Building, modest visitor accommodation, a new School and Library.

The power supply from the EMIRAU HAUS collective is 5x120= 600Kwhour. The same again is expected off the remainder of the community village infrastructure.This means the Emirau community generates 1.2 Megshour. That is enough to supply a small PNG town in 2010 of 10,000 people.